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Graphics, icons, wallpapers, banners
w E l C O M E

Hello and welcome to Glamazon Ltd., a graphic community born to store my own graphic works. From time to time you will find here icons, wallpapers, banners, headers and other stuff for you LiveJournal and computer.

But don't forget that this stuff is whole mine, it took me a lot of time and effords. So be kind, join if you want to see, comment if you want to take and credit if you use!

Also it is a "Members Only community, all graphics is intended for use ONLY on LiveJournal, not on any other kind of blogging/journaling service and I am,city_bird, the owner and the only one member with posting access. I do not invite designers and do not take requests. You can only ask for something you want and i'll take it into consideration.


untitled U L e underwater S

[+] Join to gain access.
[+] CREDIT in keywords when using icons and on your userinfo when using anything else.
[+] Do NOT hotlink, otherwise I'll have to take the pictures down.
[+] Comment telling me what you're taking.
[+] You can do anything you want to with my icons just let me know!


C Seaside R Blue "E" d i T S

Lots of taken from:

and others

layouts credits to gawariel_design


A F f i L I IMG_2156 T E S


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Also, I would really appreciate any help promoting Glamazon Ltd.


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